How to Change Color of PNG Images in Photoshop

Hi there! I get asked a lot how to change the color of various clip art sets for sale in our clip art shop. The truth is, there are several ways. Of course, you can always fire up adobe illustrator to have a bit more control over the colors. Tutorial on changing colors in Illustrator is here!

But we’re going to focus on Photoshop right now and the color overlay feature. This is a great, simple way to create an image to watermark your photos or just change the color of PNG images in Photoshop for use in your website headers, invitations, and more. Enjoy!


How to Update WordPress without Losing Customizations

One of my greatest fears is updating WordPress and losing all customizations. Could you please walk me through it so that I don’t totally mess up everything? Updating your WordPress site is quite easy and safe. But I do encourage best practices by in the “event” something unexpected happens. If you have a backup of your… Read More