New Font Release! Meet Heathrow.

Helloooo swashy script fonts. If you’re like me, you just can’t get enough of them. Cue my latest creation, Heathrow. I can see this little pretty looking swell on invites, in branding, blog designs, signage, totes, and more. Golly, I had fun making this one. I hope you have fun using it to make and create!


Oh, and PS. If you don’t have fancy software, you can still access all of the fancy extra characters in this font. Here’s how!

Secret To Add Swashes + Extras to Your Fonts…. Use The Private Use Area in a Font



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24 thoughts on “New Font Release! Meet Heathrow.

  1. Hi, I use a few of your free graphics on my blog. I was wondering if that’s ok? If not, let me know, and I’ll take them down. I do make money from my blog, indirectly, because I link to my Etsy shop from there.

    Also, I wanted to link back to your site. Do you have a button?

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