Themes FAQ

General Questions

What Customization Options Do Your Themes Offer?

Our WordPress themes have some robust customization options built-in. No need to know code! Take a look at our specific options on our theme options page. These options are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve built our themes so that you can change fonts, colors, layouts, and more. Customize all the teensy tiny details or use your theme as-is out of the box.

Do your Themes Work on

No. You will need a self-hosted version of WordPress installed apart from Here’s a great article on moving your blog from Here’s a complete guide on setting up WordPress step by step.

Do I Need to Purchase Hosting?

Yes, if you don’t already have hosting, you will need to purchase it. The good news is that it is quite affordable. We recommend hosting companies like Bluehost. They’re great and offer live chat in case you ever run into any difficult hiccups. We do not log-in to Bluehost or other hosting accounts to make configurations Here is a great article on how to get your site set up with them in no time!

I’m New to WordPress and Blogging, Is it Hard to Learn?

Well, that depends. If you have a “Can-do” attitude and are up for poking around and figuring things out, you’ll catch on in no time. Just like anything in life though, it takes a bit of time to get familiar with the back-end of WordPress. You will have access to our tutorials, Google, and limited customer support as you install your template.

Sales Questions

How Will I Receive My Files After Purchase?

If you purchase from this site, your files will be immediately available for download. Unzip the file you download. In it you will find a readme file with theme instructions, your template in a zipped file ready to upload, and the original PSD (Photoshop) documents for your header and about me image.

What is Your Return Policy?

Here is our full Return Policy and Terms.

Do You Offer Installations?

Yes. You can purchase our installation services for an additional $30 fee. We will then need your WordPress username and log-in to complete the installation. Installations are performed M-F from 9am-5pm Central Time usually within 48 hours or sooner.

Can I Install Your WordPress Themes on Multiple Sites?

Sure! Feel free to use our themes across multiple sites. We do ask, if you use our themes commercially, that you purchase additional installations for your various clients.

How Do You Offer Support?

Support is offered M-F 8am-5pm Central Time. We can ONLY handle issues that are submitted via support ticket in our knowledgebase here:

Here is where you can submit a support ticket.

Theme Questions

Can I Change a Theme’s Header Font, Design, and Colors?

Our Feminine WordPress blog themes come just as they are shown in the demo site. However, we ship original PSD (Photoshop) documents that you are free to change to your heart’s desire. If you are unfamiliar with Photoshop, you can easily create your header graphics , about me images, create printables and more by using

Can I Add my own Widgets, Customize my Sidebar, and add Various plugins to my WordPress Theme?

Yes! Our demo sites are strictly to give you an idea of how our templates operate. The sky is the limit to the number of widgets and plugins you can add. A word of caution here though: adding too many plugins will often lead to them conflicting with one another causing unforeseen issues with your template. Use these free plugins within reason.

What Blog Layouts Do Your Themes Have?

Our latest themes come with various blog layout options. Choose to display full post, excerpts, or masonry posts. These options are baked into the default WordPress customizer. Display your full post or simply display an excerpt. You also have the option to display your posts in a masonry grid.

Are Your Themes Woocommerce Compatible?

Yes! Our latest theme releases are compatible with Woocommerce. Please note: We cannot and do not offer support for setting up your shop with this plugin but it has been tested to behave nicely with our themes. Woocommerce provides much support via their extensive documentation. Or, watch our video on setting up your shop quickly here.

Can I Remove Your Footer Link?

Sure! Feel free to remove the link. However, a great and easy way to earn some passive income is by joining our affiliate program and putting your affiliate link there. Any sales referred from your link will earn you a 20% commission.

Can I Set Up My Site to Be A Website With A Static Homepage Instead of a Blog?

Absolutely! We have many tutorials that cover setting up your site to have a static homepage. The blog portion of your site is totally optional.