Terms and Usage License Agreement


Purchasing and downloading clip art files from AngieMakes signifies you are in agreement with the following policies. These policies are subject to change.

Downloaded files are licensed to the purchaser’s computer only.

Since the files are downloaded upon receipt of payment, and cannot be returned, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

File Types

Many Clip Art Sets offer both EPS (Vector) files as well as PNG images. Why do I not offer JPG images? PNG images come on a transparent background which makes them more versatile for various projects whereas JPG images have a white background and thus produce a white square when placed on a colored background. EPS Vector files can be opened with Adobe Illustrator or your vector editing software of choice. See this link for a quick tutorial on how to easily change clip art color in adobe illustrator. http://angiemakes.com/change-clip-art-color-illustrator-style-a-how-to/

Please Feel Free To Use My Clip Art For Any of The Following:

  • To create Flattened Greetings cards, Invitations, Business Cards, Wrappers, Logos, Tags, Calendars, Catalogs, Art Prints, and Brochures for small commercial and personal use. Please send file in either flattened jpeg or pdf format. (For commercial use, you must purchase a commercial license if no credit is given to angiemakes.com.) No Photoshop documents allowed unless purchased clip art has been significantly altered or is flattened so that it is not easily extractable.
  • To spruce up your personal website, blog header, sidebar, blog posts, and page content.
  • As part of custom website projects (Use in premade website templates is forbidden).
  • Logo Designs for small commercial and personal use. (For commercial use, you must purchase a commercial license if no credit is given to angiemakes.com)
  • In design projects necessitating the manipulation of the size, color, etc. of Angie Makes clip art. (For commercial use, you must purchase a commercial license if no credit is given to angiemakes.com)
  • As part of free, downloadable printables offered on your website. (Please provide a link and credit to angiemakes.com)

Forbidden Usage

  • Redistributing or selling files in their original form. This includes distributing the unaltered PNG images of our clip art “As Is” for sale or for free download.
  • Suggesting in any way that you created the downloaded Angie Makes images yourself. Some uses may necessitate including the following credit by the content: www.angiemakes.com
  • Sharing these products with anyone. The downloaded clip art is licensed to ONE computer only.
  • Offering clip art downloads as part of freebie downloads.
  • Selling, or Distributing the PNG images of ANY of our clip art “As-Is” even when a commercial license is purchased.

Usage Requiring an Additional License

  • Making fabric designs, rubber stamps, and other tangible goods. Have a question about this? Send me a personal convo.
  • Printing or manufacturing products via on-demand websites (Zazzle, Spoonflower, Casetify etc).
  • Creating design templates, digital collage sheets, scrapbooking templates, website templates, business card templates, electronic greeting card templates, brochure design templates, page layouts, and html email templates.
  • Printing a work containing these images in excess of 500 times without obtaining an Extended License. Please Contact Me regarding Extended Licensure. If you are interested in doing this or any of the other forbidden uses above, please contact me.

A Bit On “Sharing”

“Sharing” downloaded clip art, fonts, and anything else purchased from my shop with friends, colleagues, and fellow artisans is very akin to stealing. I’m sad I even have to include this in my policies. The Clip Art downloads are licensed to one person and one computer.