New WordPress Theme – Meet Hallie

Today we’re thrilled to announce a project that has literally been months in the making. Meet the Hallie Feminine WordPress theme.  You can see it live here.

The Hallie features lovely watercolor paint details and a refreshing, neutral color palette that will let your website content do the talking. This theme lets you customize the design of your site to fit your unique style and features robust options that can grow with your business and blog.


There really is a lot to love about this theme.

  • Watercolor details plus a bonus, editable Pinterest and Sidebar graphic files
  • Modern design
  • Gallery Options Galore
  • Woocommerce compatible
  • One-click Demo Import to get your site looking like the Hallie Demo site in just a click.
  • Easy to Customize

And seriously a ton more.

We’ve put a lot of heart and soul into this theme and we know you’ll love our attention to detail and the great features it offers. Every theme purchase comes with lifetime support and continual updates from the Angie Makes team.

Go on and take a look. The Hallie may just be a perfect fit for your next website redesign, side hustle, or thriving business.

80 thoughts on “New WordPress Theme – Meet Hallie

  1. Yeah this looks very clean and perfect for my sister’s blog.
    But i need a demo link to have a more deep look, a link please.

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