NEW! Meet Duckbite Font by Angie Makes

Time for a new font release! You guys are going to love this one. I took my time on this to make it just perfect for a variety of projects… branding, wedding invites, printables, oh goodness. There’s so many ways to use this little guy.

Meet Duckbite Font.

Duckbite, calligraphy font by | angiemakes


Swoon! Duckbite has tons of swashes to add to the beginning and end of lowercase letters, an alternate set of uppercase letters, doodles, swooshes, swirls, and a second sans-serif font that pairs perfectly with it.

Get it here. And get busy creating! Here’s some little ditties for your inspiration:




Duckbite, calligraphy font by | angiemakes





11 thoughts on “NEW! Meet Duckbite Font by Angie Makes

  1. You are amazingly talented!! Definitely keeping your site in mind for beautiful fonts and clip art!

  2. Hello, I would like to purchase some fonts. If i were to purshase would the font be downloadable or delivered in the post?

    Many thanks


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