Web Design Image Frames – Creative Examples

image frames web designThe more I look at good web design, the more I realize that it is the subtle, often glanced over details that absolutely make a site’s overall design “work.” I have recently become enamored at the variations in image frames and thumbnail images across the web and their ability to greatly contribute to the look and feel of a page. Forget the 1px solid borders. Get creative!

Here are a few of my favorite examples!

These image frames at Hello Lucky are just to die for. The use of inner shadows creates a classy, set-in look. The best part? They’re made using some images, and some CSS3!

image border web design

Look at these lovely little shadows at The Paper Damsels site. They are so small, but add depth to the page.

website design image frames

Head over heels for this look of vintage image corners at Wedding Jojo.

website design image borderDrool. Look at these organic, torn looking thumbnail image frames at the shop at LovelyTinyDevotions.com.

website design image frame


I’m also totally in love with these imperfect, handdrawn frames that add so much interest to the homepage of Jopp Jewelry.

image border website design

How about these nice image frames at Cake Sweet Cake’s site?

image border website design

How about these adorable frames used in the gift shop at Boob Baby?

image frame web design


These asymmetrial image frames match the overall geometric feel to the design of the page at 826Chi.

creative image frame web design


This assymetrical style can also have a cute, quirky, homey feel to it. As in the product thumbnails at Glenilen.

image style web design


Love the gal at Indubitablee’s approach to web design. And these nice hand-drawn image borders consistent with the style of her site.

frame images web design


How about these cute image thumbails at the shop at Me and Mommy to Be? Certainly keeps with the overall child-like design.

image frames website design

What’s not to love about these cool image borders at Goatee Joe?

website design image details


What about these awesome, dimension-adding shadows at Taiyab.co.uk?

image frame details web design

What about this easily achieved (using plain old CSS) style of image frames at the Sak?

image frame website design

Here’s a simple look for some thumbnail images at Shoplocket.

creative image frame web design

And to end with a bang. Everyone’s design hero, Veerle Peiters uses some interesting subtle shadows to create depth on the thumbnail images in her footer.

subtle details web design

These lovely, slightly torn image frames are so lovely. But when you’re featuring a bunch of scrumptious cakes like The Little Cake Parlour whats not to like?

creative image frame web design

How about these seemingly hand-painted borders on Erganic Design.



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