Lettering Inspiration

I’m one of those gals who has about 120.35 interests and hobbies. Sue me.

I’m a designer who dabbles in CSS, WordPress, typography, and geeks out over plugins. But seriously. There are so many other art forms that I respect and admire. (And shamelessly wouldn’t mind dabbling in.)

Hand Lettering is one.

Jessica Hische is at the helm of the industry. I’m so profoundly inspired by her work, all of which is created by hand then digitalized. Visit her site www.jessicahische.is for more drooling.





The other calligrapher/letterer who has recently stolen my heart is Molly Jacques. Oh. Goodness. Her wedding calligraphy is gorgeous and her stand-alone typographic pieces are not only beautiful, but are filled with wonderful meaning. Love.

Stop by her site for more goodness.



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