Free Tropical Watercolor Flower Clip Art

Free Tropical Watercolor Flower Clip Art | angiemakes.comAnother great little freebie… inspired by my love of watercolor and the super sweet tropical trendy vibe that’s going on right now. Yay for palms and bright, bold colors!

Several various colors, leaves, and flowers are included as separate PNG images with transparent background. Change the colors of these in Photoshop and Picmonkey by using the Hue / Saturation method, or make a header for your blog that is all pretty and watercolor-y… gosh,  so many things to create, so little time.

Story of my life.

PS..The font in use above is Malarkey. Grab it here! It goes great with these little lovelies… just sayin’.

Terms of use on these are as follows:


  •  Free for personal use. This means use on your blogs, in your blog headers, and personal print projects. Nonprofit use is also fine.
  • No commercial use on these please. If you want some cheap images for small commercial use, check out the Angie Makes Stock Shop.
  • Please do not distribute these files. Instead, just link back to this post. Kapeesh?

If these come in handy for one of your projects, perhaps you could say thanks in several ways.

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Give these pretty watercolor flowers time to download. They are large and in charge.

angie makes free downloads |
PS. The font in use above is Malarkey Font Grab it here!




65 thoughts on “Free Tropical Watercolor Flower Clip Art

  1. These are beautiful! I think I’m going to use one in a new post going up soon on our site. Thanks so much for offering such great and FREE graphics. Your site has been an amazing help as we attempt to get our blog up and running.

  2. Hi Angie,

    You and Chris are extraordinary. Not only are your themes very cool, but your support is over the top. I can’t thank Chris enough for trying to resolve an issue I was having… WP Canvas, is one of my favs, really. OH, and your older theme, “The Daphne” was exactly what I needed.

    Don’t mean to sound so gushy, but I just want other folks to know how awesome you guys & your themes are!
    Thanks again Angie.

    1. Kitty,

      You’re a doll. I’ll take “Gushy” any day! :) So glad you’re pleased with our products and support. And thanks so much for your kind, encouraging words! :) :)

  3. Thanks for beautiful graphics! <3<3
    I use this and your watercolor ranunculus, watercolor flowers graphics to make my poster.
    It helped me a lot. Thank you so much!

  4. I downloaded these and I’m absolutely in LOVE!!! I used these to create a wreath with a scripture in the middle, and your flowers are exactly what I needed! thank you!!!

  5. hi – these are soooo beautiful!! I had a question for use: I wanted to use this image for my shop’s Instagram account, to promote a sale. no words would be written on the image itself, just thought this was pretty & wondered if I could use.
    I totally understand if I can’t…….thank you again!!

  6. Just wanted to say thanks so much for these! They are so beautiful. I gave my blog a make-over using them :)

    If you want to take a look it’s here


  7. Thank you sooooo much! You are very creative, and it is so lovely to share all these things with us :)

    I think I will only use them for doing some invitation cards, if I will use any of your stuff on my Blog, I will definitly make a link to your adorable website.

    Have a nice day :)

  8. I just happened across this amazing website! Beautiful flowers; thank you for sharing your creations with the world. I’ll be sure to check back often. :)

  9. Hi Angie, thanks for sharing your great artwork :)

    is it fine if i put some on my wedding invitation card design? :)

  10. Very glad and blessed that I have visited this website :) It helps on making my banner on my online shop. Thank you pretty anj! =)

  11. I used a lot of your free graphics to help build my friend’s new blog (, and they’re absolutely wonderful! I was so impressed by how easy it was to create a professional looking design using these graphics! Thank you so much for providing them, and please keep up the great work!

  12. While these flowers are so beautiful, I downloaded them and they just destroyed my project in Photoshop. They pixilated everything and ruined and distorted the image. I’m not sure why, but they certainly did not work for me.

    1. Hi Erica,

      Hmmm. Sounds like you have a problem bigger than just these images. Images themselves, especially ones this size, should not cause any issues in Photoshop. Could be a RAM issue with too many programs running, needing to restart Photoshop, etc.

  13. Angie, thank you so much, the watercolor flowers came in handy for my daughter’s wedding program fan. They were exactly what I was looking for. I would love to be able to show you how they came out but I’m still trying to figure out how to ‘post above’ They are in Word format. Please advise and I will.

    1. Traci,

      Glad they came in handy. :)

      You can just email them to angie at I’d love to see them!

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