Two New Themes… Ooh La La!

Meet the Lucy & Lane and the Carraway themes.

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Customizable WordPress Theme |

We’ve been hard at work on a couple of new WordPress themes that will just knock your socks off! These themes have a ton of great customizer options and some super flexible blog post layout options. These two themes now include the option to display your first post in full length while displaying excerpts of the rest of your posts… to totally draw attention to your latest and greatest blog post.

We’ve made it super easy to set you blog post image dimensions, choose between a regular blog layout and a blog layout with mosaic, tiling posts in a box-like shape.  In other words… you have the ultimate control in displaying your blog posts like a champ.

PLUS… we’ve organized all of the options a bit more so that the themes are, officially, the most user-friendly to date.

Feel free to test drive the theme options yourself, join our affiliate program to promote these bad boys and earn some $, or treat yo-self and grab one today. Why not?!



35 thoughts on “Two New Themes… Ooh La La!

  1. I love your themes and I am currently running with Mary Kate, I’d love to try one of the new ones, is there a basic difference between Carraway and lucy & lane.


    1. Hi Debbi! I’m thrilled you’re considering a theme purchase. The main difference between those two is just the design. There are nearly identical in functionality. SO… choose the one you like the best. :)

      1. Thanks Angie! I love all your designs, hoping I can get this one up by myself! It’s always fun and exciting for a new website design.


  2. I am wondering how I would use the testimonial section you have on your own page – does that module exist in Carraway? If not, in which of your themes is it included? Is it a shortcode on Carraway and I missed seeing that in the Shortcodes video?

    TIA, It’s pretty stuff and I am glad you have the talent and eye for this because I need something pretty and simple and useful like this. I love #girlswhocode


  3. Beautiful new themes! Is it possible to have the Instagram footer span the full width of the screen rather than have it boxed as it is now?

  4. I just purchased the Carraway theme; worth every single penny!! I’m a brand new blogger and the options and functionality are awesome and very easy to use!! Love it – thanks Angie!!

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