Matchmaker Font – Hand Drawn Calligraphy Font


Matchmaker, a modern hand drawn calligraphy font, was inspired by the various works of modern day calligraphers. Its tall, quirky, and juxtaposed letterforms provide a deviation from traditional calligraphy-inspired typefaces.



*UPDATE 9/30/14 – A new font, Matchmaker Swashes, has been added for users who do not have access to the glyphs panel in adobe Illustrator.

Matchmaker features smart contextual alternates and swashes that add to the front and beginnings of letters (try using + + + on the end and = = = on the beginning of lowercase letters to see the feature in action). Also watch as letters on the end of words magically receive a shortened tail.

This font works best in OpenType aware software so that you can take advantage of its many tricks and features. Comes as an .otf (OpenType font) file. Here is a great post we’ve written on how to access all the glyphs in this font. Alternatively, you can always add swashes to fonts manually in Photoshop.

Chocked full of swashes, alternates, and ordinals, Matchmaker just might be the perfect match for your next project.


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