Malarkey Font by Angie Makes


Meet Malarkey, a hand painted font with bounce and quirk. Malarkey was inspired by hand brushed, modern calligraphy and features messy, organic letter forms. Swash lovers, eat your heart out. Long, looped, swirl, and short swash fonts are included to give your projects a convincing, hand brushed calligraphy look.

This font contains 6 separate fonts that include a full-on smorgasbord of swash letterforms. Swashes are easily accessible by simply dropping text into your desired swash font. (See image below to see a closer look at the various swash types and lengths.)


To add the swashes to your words, select your desired swash font and type lowercase a-z for the beginning swashes. For ending, terminal swashes, type uppercase A-Z. Here is a short video of the swashes in action.

Your download will include the following fonts:

  • Malarkey Regular
  • Malarkey Loop Swashes
  • Malarkey Short Swashes
  • Malarkey End Swirl (Subtle Curly End Swashes)
  • Malarkey Extras (Cool Swirls and Doodles Included!)

Wow. That’s a lot of bang for your buck. License also covers web font use.

Use Malarkey for greeting cards, branding, blog graphics, invitations, and more. Hope you enjoy using Malarkey for all of your fabulous creations. Hugs!



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