Premium Modern Brush, Hand Painted Fonts You’ll Love

Affordable Brush Lettering Fonts. Hand Painted Fonts With Modern Flare! |

Swoon. Have you caught on to the amazing brush lettering trend that’s so popular right now? Ahem. You may need to take 5 and feast your eyes.

Oh, and learn how to make your own brush lettering.

Well, I couldn’t take it anymore and finally had to contribute my little ditty to the trend. Meet my latest hand painted fonts, Snowberry & Fetching.

Hand Painted Fonts |

Modern and Messy Brush Font - Meet Fetching by Angie Makes

But if creating your very own lettering is a bit too much for you, why not spring 10-20 bucks on a few modern brush fonts? Now we’re talking! Here are a few of my most recent favorites. Love them!

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