New Theme Release – Meadowbrook

Modern, Feminine WordPress Theme - The Meadowbrook by Angie MakesWe’ve been hard at work on our latest, shiny, brand new theme, The Meadowbrook.

Feast your eyes on this little pretty. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, we made a fancy pantsy premade blog kit that pairs with The Meadowbrook Theme perfectly and includes plenty of pretty extra touches.

Cute, Modern Premade Blog Kit With Gold Glitter Elements by Angie Makes

We hope you just love it!


12 thoughts on “New Theme Release – Meadowbrook

  1. Oh My Goodness!!!!! I love this so much! I was thinking about getting your mary kate one when I got a .com, but this one is sooo beautiful I think I am going to get this one instead – thank you!!!!

  2. Hello Angie.

    I found your works in Creative Market. I must say that I loooove your designs. Including this one. I wish I have half of your talent. :D

    1. I was browsing Creative Market and came upon your work there. I really had to tell you that I am in absolute awe of your creations. Included with this one is this phrazle one. I can only hope that I had a fraction of your skill.

  3. Help me, I do not know how to set social icon on my website, I do not know where it’s done. I love this theme and I’m so glad that I bought it, it is beautiful and easy to set up ♥

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