How To Update AngieMakes Theme With Newer Version

We work hard to continually improve our themes and frequently role out new versions of our templates. Here is how to update our themes.

  1. Make sure you backup your database files and your code just to be safe.
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of WordPress installed.
  3. Then, download the latest version of our theme from the same place where you purchased our template.
  4. In your WordPress installation, you will need to temporarily switch to another theme. For example, switch to the twenty thirteen theme by WordPress.
  5. Delete the old AngieMakes theme.
  6. Upload and install the zip file containing the new AngieMakes theme.
  7. Activate the newly installed theme.
  8. Under Appearences => Theme Options, click on “Save Options” so you can save any new options in your database
  9. That’s all. You have just updated your theme with the latest version.

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