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Another freebie for all you wonderful friends and followers. These are a collection of fun, hand drawn FREE blog sidebar graphics to beautify your blogs and websites! I have included the .EPS vector file as well so that you can easily change the color of these, make them bigger, etc. Also included are .PNG images with transparent background. Change the color from black via Photoshop’s color overlay.

Hope you enjoy! And as always, please do not share these downloads on your own site, just link back here.

If these come in handy for one of your projects, perhaps you could say thanks in several ways.

Feel free to leave links to your pretty blogs the comments below, I’d love to see these sweet little hand drawn sidebar graphics in use out in the wild.

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43 thoughts on “Hand Drawn, Free Blog Sidebar Graphics

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  2. I absolutely love these! So glad I found this site. I’m new to blogging- so freebies like these really come in handy. I also pinned them so fellow bloggers can find them ;)

  3. Oh Angie, My Husband and I will be moving from Honolulu, Island of Oahu to Hilo, Island of Hawaii, I want to Thank You for giving me Ideas with All of your Beautiful “FREEBIES”. I was stumped until I came across your website. And Bam! Wow! You have so much patience to post all of these ideas. As we say from Hawaii “Mahalo” (thank you) …..

  4. Oh how I love your work, I just found your site and I’m going crazy, I want to have everything.
    But for know I only have to do with the freebies, when my husband does have work again I’m gonna buy, buy and oh yes buy everything.
    I don’t know where to begin haha

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  6. Hello! I’ve been reading around on your blog for a little while now while I was preparing to start my own blog. I finally did yesterday (havent launched yet) and I’m so thankful for you and your guidance and freebies! I will be using your mary-kate theme and think I will use a couple of other things from your blog. Your style is so pretty and feminine and everything I have been looking for. You have been so helpful for someone who doesn’t know much about this type of thing. Thank you!

  7. Hi. Just stumbled upon these beautiful fonts and I was wondering how to install them, in order to use them on my blog?
    Bw, Trine Thy

  8. I love these! Quick question. I am using the Gentry Theme and would love to put the “hello” in my sidebar, off to the top left of my profile pict. How would you do this?

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