Creative Ways To Earn Affiliate Income

Creative Ways to Earn Affiliate Income |

If you’re looking for creative ways to boost your affiliate income through promoting various products, here are some creative ways to earn affiliate income by using your affiliate link in some smart ways. Oh, and why not sign up to be an Angie Makes affiliate while you’re at it?! You’ll receive 25% of each sale made through your affiliate link.

Now, on to some great ideas at using your affiliate link to earn you some serious $!

1. Use Pinterest

Double check that this is okay with the various affiliate programs you are a part of. Some, like the Creative Market affiliate program not only condone this, they encourage it! It is totally acceptable in our own affiliate program as well. Use your unique affiliate link to insert into various pins. Also, make sure that you insert relevant keywords to give your pin a better chance at being found via search on Pinterest.

Creative Ways to Earn Affiliate Income |

2. Your Site’s Footer

This is one of the EASIEST ways to earn a bit of passive affiliate income for yourself. If folks visit your site and like the look of it, chances are they will scroll to the bottom to see the site credits. Several happy Angie Makes theme users have found some great success by inserting their affiliate link there.

Creative Ways to Earn Affiliate Income |

3. Affiliate Banners

Grab banners from your affiliate program. We have inserted a banner for our favorite hosting provider, Blue Host, into our blog sidebar. With our own Angie Makes affiliate program, we have created several sizes of banners to be used on your sites and blogs as well.

Creative Ways to Earn Affiliate Income |


4. Affiliate Blog Posts

If you love something, share it with the world. Write a how-to post on how to do that thing you love and include a supply list with your Amazon affiliate links. I recently bought an ebook after reading a super helpful post on how to improve your blog photos. She linked to a book she found helpful. I bought it as a result!

The options for affiliate blog posts are virtually endless. Write a post that shows your readers how you set up your WordPress site and link to your theme & hosting affiliate programs. Be helpful and informative. You never know who may visit your site, click a link, and earn you some nice affiliate income!

Tristan over at the amazing Besotted Blog featured Matchmaker in a blog post with affiliate links. Win-win!


 5. Send an Email

If you’ve got a large email list, use it to your advantage! Send an email to your list and let them know about any sales, new product releases, etc. and insert your affiliate link. You may be surprised at the number of sales this leads to!

6. Be Transparent

Remember… if you insert affiliate links, make sure you have a disclosure at the bottom of your post and content so as not to deceive your readers.

Which reminds me….

*In the spirit of full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links, which means that I may get a commissions if you decide to purchase anything. I only recommend products that I use for myself and LOVE.





7 thoughts on “Creative Ways To Earn Affiliate Income

  1. Thanks for the include!! I’m still trying to figure out how to post to Pinterest with my affiliate link. I feel like I’m not using it to its full advantage. I’m loving all of your recent posts. You guys are the best! ;)

    1. Pinterest is the best! I know a lot of folks who have had amazing success over there with Creative Market’s affiliate program alone.

  2. Hey Angie!! I’ve been completely obsessed with your blog so far!! I just started to blog but I’m using and I know I want to make a self hosted site… do you think its possible to me to even start a self hosted site without even really having any.. readers at the moment?

  3. I’m just starting to dabble into this. This is great information! In regards to disclosers is the one you use a generic one? If so, may I use the same wording?

    Do you suggest every post or have a dedicated page?

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