Cute WordPress Theme Design Featured Friday- KSM Design

It’s that time again! The time to showcase a fabulously put-together theme running off of an angie makes websites them. Check out what Katy has put together at KSM Design. Her site runs off of the Amelie Theme. We can’t get enough of her adorable header image, organized and lovely sidebar, and use of creative images all across her site.

cute wordpress theme design



7 thoughts on “Cute WordPress Theme Design Featured Friday- KSM Design

  1. Hi! Love this theme. In fact it is what I use on my website!!!
    Just wanted you to know that she has changed it up now… not sure if you want to take down the ‘take a look’ link but wanted to be sure to tell you. Be well! Love your work Angie! (and all the help you gave me to get going)

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