Watercolor Website Design

Watercolor-Mania has hit! It seems that incorporating organic, watercolor themes in web design, print, and more has recently become a developing trend across the board. I must admit, even I have succumb to the watercolor powers.

I really feel that watercolor across the web marks the convergence of older artistic techniques and the digital age.

watercolor website designI’m totally digging the subtle and wonderfully interesting use of watercolor effects, and pastels at  www.anthropologie.com. Seriously. Who doesn’t love anthropologie anyways?

See the totally subtle watercolor wash at the page top? And notice how even the text appears to be done in watercolor. (Don’t miss the How-To below to learn how to do this!)

watercolor website design

What amazes me about this site and beauty in web design is the difference that a mere one or two pixels can make and the subtlety with which the watercolor look is accomplished. None of the watercolor washes scream out at you. They blend in with the background, making the images on the page pop.

watercolor web design

Notice the 1-2 px dividing line used to separates the footer below from the rest of the page.

Of other interest are the input boxes and submit buttons. They, again, are only 1-2px in size but really add to the feel of the page.

watercolor website design


watercolor website design


watercolor website design


watercolor website design


What about you? Have you seen any cool watercolor on the web lately?


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