Super Big Font Bundle. Woah. Deal Alert!

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Ok, so I must be slow to join the bandwagon. I’m JUST learning about font bundle deals that are basically the best thing since sliced bread. Why? Because a girl can’t have too many fonts. AND, instead of spending $29 on, say, a single font, with a bundle you get … wait for it… 45 fonts.

45 fonts?… For $29?  Somebody pinch me. I’ve died and gone to font heaven.

Yes, darlings. THAT is the beauty of a good font bundle. Lots of fonts for little moolah.

Here’s the deal that’s going on over at the Hungry JPEG right now. All of the fonts above and below are included in the bundle as well as several others. Lots of really great ones! Here’s a few of my faves:

PS. In the spirit of full disclosure, this is an affiliate post. But I love the fonts. Promise!

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