New Font! Meet Hollyhock, A Modern Calligraphy Font


I’m excited to announce a project that has been in the works now for a couple of months. Meet Hollyhock, a modern calligraphy font with wild, tall letterforms that refuse to be tamed. Inspired by modern calligraphy the breaks the rules and hollyhocks that grow rebelliously where they please.

We hope you love using this font. I can already envision this little pretty on wedding announcements, greeting cards, logos, websites, and more.

messy calligraphy font modern calligraphy font

Oh, and did I forget to mention? All of these lovely swirls, doodles, and extras are included as an added bonus to add flavor, flare, and modern calligraphy goodness to your projects. Enjoy!


Get it here folks! 

14 thoughts on “New Font! Meet Hollyhock, A Modern Calligraphy Font

  1. I am trying to choose the fonts for my next scrapbook and I do love Hollyhock! Do you have any recommendations for fonts pairings?

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  4. Hollyhock has a natural, cursive typeface with a slight slant, creating a look that is classic yet very modern at the same time. The strokes in Hollyhock are designed with undulation, bold and light, creating bold dynamics for the lines, creating a unique and personal appearance.

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