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Ok. It’s no new news that Pinterest is the latest craze and addiction for basically everything adorable on the planet. What I have heard that intrigues me about Pinterest is that various people in various types of businesses are using it, not only to showcase their work, but to understand their clients’ tastes.

Breanna Rose, a fabulous graphic designer at Moxee, describes in her article about Moodboards, how she now uses mood boards on Pinterest to understand her web design clients’ tastes and for both parties to gain some website design inspiration. Fabulous idea!

My dear friend who also happens to be a talented wedding florist uses Pinterest to gauge what flowers, colors, and overall feel a bride is trying to achieve on her wedding day.

So what exactly is a mood board? I’m so glad you asked! Basically a mood board can be anything that you like. Colors, a fashion shot, flowers, nature scenes, etc. What you want is to get an overall “mood” or feel to your board that you would like to see, in this case, translated to your dream website design.

If you are not on Pinterest, consider joining to get inspired. If you are, start pinning away and thinking about what you would want in your dream website or blog to reflect your brand and unique personal style. Oh, and take a look at my own boards for some inspiration and follow along!



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