Watercolor Clip Art

Ok, so there is no denying that I am a watercolor FANATIC. I try to incorporate it in my designs in every way possible and am always so amazed at the amazing talent of watercolor artists.

Most recently, I have been led to discover watercolor clip art. Clip art? Watercolor? Hello! The perfect marriage of my two most favorite things and all my dreams come true.

Here is a roundup of my favorite watercolor clip art across the web, and some of my own watercolor clip art works. Maybe you could support some of these artists with a purchase and who knows, maybe some of the clip art will be perfect for your next project.

watercolor clip art

watercolor clip art

Top from left to right:

1. Sharon Glanville
2. Angie Makes Watercolor Digital Papers
3. Angie Makes Watercolor Flower Pots
4. Anne Was Here

1. Papernik Digital Papers
2. ReaniDesigns
3. Angie Makes Watercolor Flowers

* Update! 8/22/13 Here are a few of my own latest watercolor clip art creations!

watercolor clip art




6 thoughts on “Watercolor Clip Art

  1. I just discovered your website and I’m smitten with your watercolor ranunculus vectors! I’m already dreaming up ways to incorporate those cheery flowers into my next designs!

  2. Love watercolor clip art! I didn’t know it existed! Do I need certain sort ware to use it? Dumb question? Honestly I’ve never seen clip art I wanted bad enough to find out!

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