How to Update WordPress without Losing Customizations

One of my greatest fears is updating WordPress and losing all customizations. Could you please walk me through it so that I don’t totally mess up everything?

Updating your WordPress site is quite easy and safe. But I do encourage best practices by backing up your database files and code files in the “event” something unexpected happens. If you have a backup of your database and code files, then it’s possible for you or any web developer to restore your site.

What Happens When You Update WordPress?

Generally, WordPress will replace the core code files in your web hosting space. WordPress does not touch or change any plugin files, theme files, or any files inside the wp-content folder. WordPress will also make minor upgrades to your database, but will not in any way alter, change, remove any of your plugin settings or theme settings. All plugin and theme settings are saved in the database.

When Should I Be Concerned When Updating WordPress?

If you happened to make code changes to the WordPress core, then all your code changes would be erased. Chances are that you probably haven’t done that and I would strongly discourage you to do so.

Live Screencast on Updating to WordPress 3.8.1 Using one of our AngieMakes Themes

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