How To Update WordPress Plugins Automatically

How To Automatically Update WordPress Plugins |

One great feature of our feminine WordPress themes is the ability to the ability to update WordPress plugins automatically. You can also update your version of WordPress and your themes automatically via your dashboard. In fact we’re constantly working on new features, improving our themes, and rolling out changes and this is how we update our themes. We’ve written another tutorial specifically for our angie makes theme users on how to update your theme without losing your customizations as well.

Many free plugin authors do this as well. In fact, WordPress itself is constantly updated. It’s important to make sure you update your WordPress sites so that plugins, galleries, and more interact well with each other.

Enough jabber. Here’s how to update WordPress plugins automatically!

1. Navigate to Your WordPress Dashboard to See if You Have Updates Available.

How To Update WordPress Plugins

3. Click the Checkboxes to Select and Update Your Plugins, Themes, and Version of WordPress.
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4. Viola! You’re Up-To-Date. Congratulations!

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