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creative and cute about me images | angiemakes.comI’m a huge believer in the idea that it is the details that contribute volumes to a website and blog design. I love stumbling across sites that really handle the details of design well.

Many blogs feature a sidebar that contains links, ads, and often times and about me image that provides a little bio about the blog’s author. We include several of these designed about me images in our feminine Wordpress blog themes.

Here are some cute about me images from around the web that I hope can serve as an inspiration for those of you itching to get started making your own! Speaking of making your own about me images. I made a little about me image tutorial. Check it out!

So, what are you waiting for!? Go create your about me image pronto.

12 thoughts on “Cute About Me Images Creative Examples

  1. So I’m thinking I should introduce myself because I’m a dedicated lurker on your site and for this post. I recently just made my own About Me image inspired the great ones you posted above :) And I would still come back for a tutorial! lol. I’m awful at graphic design and I made mine on PicMonkey, which is pretty user-friendly. Thanks, Angie!

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