3 Things NOT To Do When Designing A Blog Header

Designing a Blog Header - 3 Things NOT to Do!

I’m so excited to be a part of the fabulous Design Your Own (lovely) Blog, Blog Tour hosted by Marianne of Design Your Own Lovely Blog. Some fabulous contributors are participating and I’m honored to take part.

If you haven’t visited Marianne’s little site, it’s about time you do! Her goal is to give ladies confidence when it comes to their blog’s design as well as provide customization tips and fabulous DIY ideas so her readers can create a killer blog on a budget. And what’s not to love about that?

Today, I’m going to keep things SUPER simple and talk about 3 things that can make or break a blog header design. These may seem like small things but if you can avoid these three pitfalls, you will be well on your way to having a killer blog design that’s an extension of YOU.

So Without Further adieu…

3 Things NOT to do When Designing Your Blog Header

1. Don’t Use The Wrong Fonts / Typography

Fonts have personalities. I was recently in a blogging group where a woman posted a picture of her site header. The problem? The font didn’t suite her blog and brand at all. She had the word “Modern” in her blog title and was using a grafitti font. Seeing this textbook case served as a great reminder for me. Fonts can make or break ya.


Find a font that complements your brand and stick with it. Keep your branding consistent and coherent.

2. Don’t go Overboard.

If there is any one thing that is the key to a great blog header design, and a great blog design in general, I believe it is this. Keep it simple. When helping various clients install their WordPress themes, I’ve found many folks who customize our themes the right way… ahem… by following these and other great design principles. But I’ve also found those who get a bit too carried away.

The blogs that get it right handle the details right.  Start adding too many chevrons, graphics, fonts, and colors and I hit that browser back button doubletime. I know I’m not the only one.

Whatever you do, keep it simple. Make a good first impression.

3. Don’t Be Like Everyone Else

This is the single best design advice I have EVER received.

You know that blog you follow and just love? The design that keeps you coming back for more just to drool over? Appreciate it. Learn From it. But by all means…  don’t copy it. Do the world a favor and FIND YOUR OWN VOICE. Sorry, just had to type that one in all caps. Other bloggers will respect you more for it, you’ll get to be uniquely you, and the world will be a happier, more diverse place because you decided to do your own thing.

Own your brand and don’t be afraid to be a bit different.

Hope you have found these three little tips to be helpful! Be sure to check out yesterday’s post from the blog tour on Hello Monday’s blog here. And check out tomorrow’s post from Erin over at Erin Flynn dot com!

33 thoughts on “3 Things NOT To Do When Designing A Blog Header

  1. I like your point about not being like everyone else. There are a lot of beautiful blogs out there, but at some point they all start to look the same… Which makes them forgettable. And that’s sad.

    Thank you for the great blog tour post!

    1. Erika,

      Wow! Thank you so much. Your site is great. And your post about opt-ins is FAB. I think I need to spend some time over there… you’ve got such great stuff. :)

  2. Haha the first tip made me laugh, I love your examples! Couldn’t agree with you more about keeping it simple. It’s really hard sometimes, but something we need to always remember.

  3. Such great tips Angie! Loved everything about this post, especially about staying true to your brand. It’s so easy to get lost in the world of inspiration but copying is never acceptable! Sometimes it’s best to just shut everything off and to solely listen to your intuition.

    1. Thanks Kristen! It’s so true. Nothing better than staying true to yourself. Your blog is lovely by the way. And your watercolors?! Well, I’m obviously a fan, duh. :)

  4. aargh that hit me! Drool over but don’t copy it! Yes, I love the font, the background color that makes me coming back and asked myself how she did it and tried to google it but there was none.

    Thanks. I’ll remember that! :) I’m trying my hands to design a blog header.

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