Daisy Clip Art – Free Watercolor Clip Art

free watercolor clip art Another fabulous freebie for all you lovely flower lovers out there. Included are the 4 floral images shown as png images. This clip art is just a sampling of the watercolor clip art you can find in the clip art shop.

No commercial use on this free watercolor clip art please. I would hate to report your Etsy shop, Zazzle shop, or more for a violation so please respect the no commercial use policy. Oh, and please do not offer these for download anywhere else. Just link here! If these come in handy for one of your projects, perhaps you could say thanks in several ways.

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66 thoughts on “Daisy Clip Art – Free Watercolor Clip Art

  1. Angie I love your watercolor work. I am using one of your wordpress templates and it is also great! Love your work!

  2. Hey Angie, luv your blog <3
    I would like to know, if use this in my blog header whould violate the commercial use policy.
    Your work is lovely!

  3. I just used your BEAUTIFUL flowers in a baby shower invitation for my girl friend. It turned out so so pretty! I would love to share with you but I don’t have a website. Your website is great. :) Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Hi,
    Would I be able to use this on my website header? Or does that violate the commercial use?
    Thanks! Your work is beautiful!

    1. Hi Laurie,

      Good question. That is actually not a font, but a hand-lettered alphabet. The letters come as individual images. If you’d like the alphabet, it actually comes with the font. :)

  5. Thank you so much! Just found you and your site and LOVE your art. I used these for my daughters bridal shower invites and they made the invite perfect!

  6. Hi, Angie!

    I absolutely love your site and all of the art that you are so wonderful to share. Would it be a violation of your commercial use policy to use an image in my web site header/logo if I am not selling the image and link back to your site? I just wanted to make sure! Thank you so much!

  7. I cannot find the daisy clip art you have here for free.Every Year my Kin Club does Daisy Days for Cystic Fibrosis event ( selling pots of daisies to the community, at a local Greenhouse). All profits go to CF. This year I would like to make t-shirts with daisies on it. I love the big daisy in the middle. How do I go about downloading it. I will even pay for it if I have to .My email is countrygl@myflexi.net

  8. Hi Angie! You’re stuff is absolutely beautiful! I just want to make sure I am on the up and up when using these, so I have a question for you- if I were to want to use these on a free newsletter would that be considered commercial use? I will link back to you n the newsletter as my art source, but I just want to make sure you would be totally comfortable with it before I move forward. Thanks so much!

    MacKenzie Monroe

  9. Hi Angie, i just like to tell you that i ‘ll be using your wonderful art for my thank you cards. youre so good. ! these are precious.

  10. Hello, I have the same questions as using as a website header/logo design. Does that violate the no commercial rule.
    Please do respond
    Thank you!

  11. Lovely! May I have your permission to use these on concert program covers for a student music concert or is that in violation of your no commercial rule? Thank you!

  12. I really loved your art, I’m planning on making an Arabic uni planner form my and my colleagues, and of course i will state your site as a resource for the clip Art

    many thanks

  13. Hi, I am in love with your watercolor flowers,
    I was wondering if you could custom do watercolor roses that I would be able to use for my online store. Please get back to me :D

  14. Hi there, Angie! Wonderful creations! I also would like to know if i can use the free items that you offer here for my blog header and for my blog. My blog is a hobby travel blog, i don’t make any money out of it. I hope you will reply.
    Thank you and greetings!

  15. Thank you! Like your other work, these are absolutely beautiful!! I will be using these to beautify my school binder. Thank you again!!!!

  16. Angie, thank you so much for this! I would love to use them in a brochure I am designing for our church’s women’s breakaway. I, of course, won’t be selling anything and the church doesn’t make any money on the breakaway – it is just a time of refreshing for our ladies. May I use these and your other free watercolor offerings for the brochure?

  17. Thank you so much for your gorgeous freebies. I just used them to make planning pages for my teaching planner and I’m so in love with them. You are one talented woman!

  18. Hi Angie,

    I’m moving my blog from Blogspot to WordPress. It’s a food blog, and some experts from an important Italian blogger association are helping me to transfer the contents, but of course they don’t give any suggestions about how to customize the blog.

    I discovered your gorgeous website a couple of days ago and I immediately fell in love with your daisies. I am fascinated by the colours and the quiet grace you put in your creations.

    The symbol of my blog is a sunflower.
    Just wanted to tell you I downloaded a yellow flower + a leaf from one of your freebies and built the picture of my header-to-be. It’s no doubt an abstract sunflower, but I’m crazy about it :-))))
    As soon as I’m ready, I’ll write you again and invite you to see the header and the blog with my recipes.

    Thanks a lot!

    Anna from Italy
    name of the blog:

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